Quiltmaker’s statement:

When I pack for a trip I am careful to consider what items I might need.  When sewing the quilt I pondered the thought that migrants gave to the garments they brought on this important and dangerous journey.  Much of the clothing was selected to protect the body from the harsh conditions they knew they would face – heavy denim to guard against thorns, dark clothing to avoid being seen.  But there are also sentimental items – embroidered handkerchiefs and pieces of cloth with a connection to a loved one that might summon some protection for the soul.    These migrants carried tangible mementos of cloth and thread in order to remain tied to the communities they might never see again.  For me the power of the quilt lies in part with our human instinct to do the very same thing – to hold onto tangible reminders of what we have lost – to make sacred what connects us. (Diana Rix)