Quiltmakers’ statements:

Two things struck me emotionally working on our migrant quilt. One was a pair of female size 4 jeans. So small. The other was writing ‘baby boy_________’ on a strip of denim. Numbers are not names! So sad that ‘baby boy’ is just a number and wasn’t able to be named.  (Carol Hood) 

I found myself seeking solitude while working on our migrant quilt. We met as a group in a large room but drifted to separate tables, recording each name on cloth in silence. When working at home alone I played no music, listened to no radio. I felt these sounds deserved my attention. In the past I’ve been part of special quilts for specific people. The migrant quilt; however, was unique. A time for silent reflection. (Sandra Klapp)

My heart goes out to the families of the ‘Unknown’ people. They will never know what happened to their loved ones. (Phyllis Sager)

Picked from the desert, I’m gazing at the tiny pieces of Jeans. These are what’s left of real lives. They had hopes and dreams of better and safer futures. (Virginia Wenzel)