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2000.2001-2TUCSON SECTOR 2000-2001, 136 deaths

made by Betty Kersting, with Nelda Bell, Judy Crawford, Lorene Goering, Judi Haines, Liz Hinds, Nancy Dean Kreger, Barbara Medina, Donna Ormerod, &  LuAnn Watkins, of Santa Fe, New Mexico

54″ h x 50″ w


TUCSON SECTOR 2001-2002, 163 deaths

made by Cornelia Bayley of Green Valley, Arizona

44.5″ h x 47″ w


TUCSON SECTOR 2002-2003, 205 deaths

made by Sonia Arellano of Orlando, Florida

81″ h x 61″ w


TUCSON SECTOR 2003-2004, 234 deaths

made by staff and clients of Project Amor, in Tucson, Arizona

88″ h x 55″ w


TUCSON SECTOR 2004-2005, 282 deaths

made by Carol Hood, Sunny Klapp, Phyllis Sager, & Virginia Wenzel, of Prescott, Arizona

89″ h x 45″ w


TUCSON SECTOR 2005-2006, 205 deaths

made by Peggy Hazard, Suzanne Hesh, & Alice Vinson of Tucson, Arizona

82.5″ h x 60″ w


TUCSON SECTOR 2006-2007, 237 deaths

made by the Tucson Community, Jody Ipsen, Diana Rix, Laurel Wilson, Sharon K Peake, and Rev. Bobbi W. Hargleroad of Tucson, Arizona

81.5″ h x 60″ w


2007.2008TUCSON SECTOR 2007-2008, 183 deaths

made by Nancy Amann & Toni Gorden of Baltimore, Maryland, with Douglas High School students, Douglas, Arizona

82″ h x 64″ w


TUCSON SECTOR 2008-2009, 206 deathsmade by Bonnie Halchin-Smith of Columbus, Ohio

59″ h x 51″ w


TUCSON SECTOR 2009-2010, 253 deaths

made by Verni Greenfield of Portland, Oregon

62″ h x 66″ w


2010.2011TUCSON SECTOR 2010-2011, 183 deaths

made by Cornelia Bayley of Green Valley, Arizona

61″ h x 54.5″ w

Los Desconicidos - FullTUCSON SECTOR 2011-2012, 179 deaths

made by Jennifer Eschedor of Tucson, Arizona

46.5″ h x 51.5″ w


2012.2013TUCSON SECTOR 2012-2013, 183 deaths

made by Jennifer Eschedor of Tucson, Arizona

69″ h x 54.5″ w


2013.2014TUCSON SECTOR 2013-2014, 122 deaths

made by Debbie Maloney, Dana Hollifield, and Linda Knapp, with United Church of Santa Fe, in Santa Fe, New Mexico

87″ h x 72″ w


2014.2015TUCSON SECTOR 2014-2015, 137 deaths

made by Sharon Kisselberg-Peake of Holladay, Utah

47″ h x 43″ w


desconocidos fullTUCSON SECTOR 2015-2016, 144 deaths

made by Mary Vaneecke of Tucson, Arizona

84.5″ h x 61″ w


2016.2017TUCSON SECTOR 2016-2017, 145 deaths

made by Barbara Lemmon, Judy Breneman, Susan Kirk, Deanna Brooks, Deb Mitchell, Judy Harmer, and Betty-Lee Hepworth of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Green Valley, in Amado, Arizona

72″ h x 59″ w – incl. fringe on sleeve


2016.2017TUCSON SECTOR 2017-2018, 123 deaths

made by Becky Aparicio, Judy Breneman, Terry Grzyb-Wysocki, Joyce Harrison, Peggy Hazard, Bea Kabler, Linda Laird, and Shellie Whitman of the Tucson Quilt Documentation Team

93″ h x 74″ w 


2016.2017TUCSON SECTOR 2018-2019,  137 deaths

made by Reilly Zoda and Gerry Murano of Tucson, Arizona

43″ h x 57″ w 

2019.2020TUCSON SECTOR 2019-2020,  212 deaths

made by Susan Hoffman of Tucson, Arizona

98″ h x 84″ w