Quiltmakers’ statements:

In the midst of turbulent times, we must hold hands and assist all peoples who reach out for help. Our group worked as one to share the horror of the border immigration policies, which have caused to many deaths. We are all brothers.

Becky Aparicio

 Quilting the Tragedy of the Deaths and the Grief of their Families.

Judy Breneman

 As I worked on my blocks for this quilt, I felt sadness for the lives that were lost in our desert. But I also felt grateful for the opportunity to memorialize these migrants in cloth.

Terry Grzyb-Wysocki

 We should not forget what they paid for wanting a better life.

Joyce Harrison

Collaborating on the Migrant Quilt is an opportunity for us to speak truth to power.

Peggy Hazard

 To seekers of freedom, bring your culture, a cheerful spirit, and be welcome.

Bea Kabler

I am devastated that they were so young and so hopeful. We must do better by all the Americas.

Linda Laird

 It was my honor to quilt this year’s project.

Shellie Whitman